The best time to visit

The Defence Line of Amsterdam features no less than 46 forts and batteries. A number of these strongholds is open to the public at regular times from April through October. Some forts are never accessible, or only under exceptional circumstances.

To add to your enjoyment, various forts house a café, restaurant or museum. Regular openings and visiting hours are listed in the overview of all forts and batteries. Most fortresses are closed during the winter months.

Fort Uitermeer - foto Roos van Haaften

Various events

​The various events such as Opening Fort Season, World Heritage Weekend and The Forts Festival gives you the unique chance to visit forts that are otherwise closed. The event attracts around 20,000 people annually. Throughout the opening season the Defence Line of Amsterdam presents history, music, theatre, art and activities such as guided tours, re-enactment days and tours with old army tanks.

Foto: Frits van Eck

Bicycles takes centre stage at the Defence Line!

Every year in the end of August or beginning of September ‘Rondje Stelling’ bike tour takes place. Participants will tour the entire Defence Line of Amsterdam by bike in a single day. 
In addition to the 46 forts and batteries that surround the city of Amsterdam as a circle that measures 135 kilometres (84 miles), the largest part of the Defence Line is formed by a system of dikes, canals, sluices and inundations that have left their mark on the landscape. The 170-kilometre (105-mile) tour is a monumental challenge for achievement-oriented cyclists. Are you up for the challenge? You can register for this epic event at

Westbatterij © Kenneth Stamp

Annual events

Apart from the regular visiting options there are annual events that offer people from all ages additional opportunities to visit the forts and enjoy theatre, lectures, music and other activities. These include exhibitions, art markets and historical re-enactments, for example. 

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