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Boat excursion in the Eilandspolder

In close proximity to the Fort near Spijkerboor you’ll find the typical Dutch landscape of the Eilandspolder. Here you can take a boat excursion to enjoy tranquillity, space and meadow birds. In the spring the reeds along the shore are still short, as is the grass. This makes it easy to see the meadow birds’ breeding spots from the excursion boat. The boat departs from the town centre of De Rijp and will take you on an excursion that lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours.

Boat tours on the river Vecht

Boat company Tisset offers mini cruises on the river Vecht. The saloon boat Moby Queen, which is completely wheelchair friendly, takes you on a beautiful trip along the Fort at the Ossenmarkt, the windmills De Vriendschap and De Eendracht and the Fort Uitermeer to the towns of Nederhorst den Berg and Nigtevecht. After having crossed under the two bridges of the town of Vreeland you head back along the Nes towards the sluice of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal in Nigtevecht, while enjoying a lunch buffet. After a quick crossing of the canal, which will take about 10 minutes, you’ll wind up at the canalised stream the Smal Weesp right across from the town of Driemond. Via the Smal Weesp and waterway the Kom van Weesp, passing by windmill ’t Haantje, you’ll return to the river Vecht.

Fort excursion Weesp including boat trip to Muiden

Departing from the Fort at the Ossenmarkt you can join an excursion to forts in and around the fortified town of Weesp. Included is a boat trip along the river Vecht, from the Fort at the Ossenmarkt to the Muizenfort in the town of Muiden. The excursion programme consists, amongst other things, of a walk across 17th century ‘sconces’ (small protective fortifications made of earth) and a guided tour of both forts.
The boat trip along the river Vecht will take you past the monumental Vechthoeve farm. Built in 1899, it is one of several farms that were purposely constructed close to forts of the Defence Line (so-called Kringenwetboerderijen) in order to ensure a constant food supply for the troops in the event of an invasion. During your visit to the fortified town of Muiden and the Muider Muizenfort Museum you’ll also get to see group shelters made of concrete and reconstructed trenches from May 1940.

Boating excursion Botshol nature reserve

Starting in mid June, boating excursions are organized in the Botshol nature reserve. You’ll pass peat meadows, reed fields and swampy forests, travelling through narrow ditches and over vast lakes. Don’t forget to put on warm clothes and/or rainwear and bring along your binoculars. The Fort in the Botshol is only open to the public during the Stellingmaand (Defence Line Month). The Fort along the Winkel is situated close to the nature reserve and now serves as a campsite. The landscape in between the Fort near Waver- Amstel and the Fort along the Winkel has remained virtually unchanged since the construction of these fortresses. In this area the Defence Line follows two small rivers, the Oude Waver and Winkel.
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