Visit two World Heritage sites! This route starts at railway station Purmerend. Originally Purmerend was a small town but it has turned into a center of growth with huge suburbs, also known as the ‘overflow’ of Amsterdam. From Purmerend the walk continues toward Zuidoostbeemster. The Beemster’s reclamation was done by 41 windmills in 1612. The land has been divided into distinctive straight plots. The Beemster, as well as the Defence Line, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The walk take you to two forts in the Beemster: Fort aan de Middenweg and Fort aan de Nekkerweg. Fort aan de Nekkerweg is completely restored and currently houses a hotel and exclusive spa which opened in 2012.
Along the Noordhollandsch Kanaal, just before the Fort aan de Middenweg is reached, you will pass a so-called inundation (flood) sluice. This structure was built to flood the underlying terrain with water in case of war. Fort Middenweg is not open to the public.

Other info:

* Start and finish: NS-station Purmerend (railway station)
* Paved roads
* Dogs allowed, provided that they are on a leash
* Accessible for wheelchairs and strollers
* GPS-coordinates available via www.stellingvanamsterdam.nl


Start and finish of the route is NS-station Purmerend (railway station)

1. Go west on the Boeierstraat towards Pluutstraat
2. Turn right onto Henry Bunanstraat, walk 33m.
3. Turn left onto Churchilllaan
4. Turn right onto Wheredijk
5. Turn left onto Burgemeester D. Kooimanweg
6. Turn right onto Purmersteenweg
7. Continue road towards Gedempte Where
8. Take a gentle turn to the right in order to stay on Gedempte Where
9. Gedempte Where will turn slightly right and becomes Beemsterbrug
10. Continue road towards Zuiddijk
11. Turn left in order to stay on Zuiddijk
12. Go east on Zuiddijk towards Middenweg
13. Turn left onto Middenweg
14. Turn right onto Volgerweg
15. Go east on Volgerweg towards Nekkerweg
16. Turn left onto Nekkerweg
17. Go south on Nekkerweg towards Volgerweg
18. Turn left onto Zuiddijk
19. Go straight in order to stay on Zuiddijk
20. Turn right in order to stay on Zuiddijk
21. Continue road towards Beemsterbrug
22. Gentle turn to the left towards Gedempte Where
23. Continue road towards Purmersteenweg
24. Turn left onto Burgemeester D. Kooimanwge
25. Turn right onto Wheredijk
26. Turn left onto Churchilllaan
27. Turn right onto Henry Dunantstraat, walk 33m
28. Turn left onto Boeierstraat
29. You have returned to the railway station.

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