This is a short hiking route along the eastside of Haarlem. In the Netherlands everything is culture. That becomes even more apparent during this hike. Even the beautiful puddles and swamp areas are the result of human interference. This does not matter however, because it is still beautiful. Grass banks and meadows, while the suburbs of Haarlem remain in the background. The walk passes the remains of the old Veerplas and the Veerpolder, an impoldering from the Middle Ages. A very nice walk for Sunday afternoons. Especially during the spring it is swarming with meadow birds. During this relatively short walk you will come across two forts: Fort bij Penningsveer and Fort bij de Liebrug. Fort Penningsveer has been refurbished into a unique retreat with group accommodations, which individuals, schools, clubs and companies can use for activities related to care, learning, working and recreation. Fort bij de Liebrug organizes regular wine tastings during the weekend.

Other info:

* Start- and finish: NS-station Haarlem-Spaarnwoude (railway station)
* Partially unpaved roads, sometimes swampy. Proper hiking shoes are recommended.
* Dogs allowed, provided that they are on a leash
* Inaccessible for wheelchairs and strollers
* GPS-coordinates available via


Start and finish at NS-station Haarlem-Spaarnwoude (railway station)

Directions for walking to the Liedeweg
1. Go east onto Veerpad towards Bliekpad
2. Turn left onto Bliekpad
3. Go east on A. Hofmanweg
4. Ga west on A. Hofmanweg
5. Turn right onto Bliekpad
6. Go northwest on Bliekpad towards Prikpad
7. Go north towards A. Hofmanweg
8. Turn right onto A. Hofmanweg
9. Take a gentle curve to the left
10. Go northeast towards Karperpad
11. Turn right onto Karperpad
12. Go south on Karperpad towards Meervalpad
13. Turn left in order to stay on Karperpad
14. Go southeast on Karperpad towards Penningsveer/R106
15. Turn left to Penningsveer/R106
16. Go east on Penningsveer/R106 towards Lagedijk
17. Turn right onto Lagedijk
18. Follow the road to Liedeweg.

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