Hiking routes by Natuurmonumenten

© Geertje van Emmerik
The nature reserves around the Defence Line of Amsterdam are managed, amongst others, by Natuurmonumenten – a society for the preservation of nature monuments in the Netherlands. The hiking routes of Natuurmonumenten offer both practical information and information about nature.

Het Laarzenpad

Het Laarzenpad (literally: the boots trail) is a fun hiking route with two look-out points. The first one is situated at the Hilversumse Bovenmeent and is a good place to spot a variety of birds. The second look-out point can be found at the southernmost lake of the Naardermeer reserve. It gives you a great view over the water. Het Laarzenpad is a path that takes you through the fields. The starting point for this hiking route is located close to the forts along Karnemelksloot in Naarden. The trail is signposted.

Hiking route Naardermeer

This hiking route around Lake Naardermeer is well suited for the more fanatic hiker (19 km; 11.8 miles). It will take you along Fort Uitermeer, water, swamps, woods and a typical Dutch duck decoy. Also don’t forget to watch the colony of cormorants from the observation hut.

Hiking route Duin en Kruidberg, Haarlem

The hiking route Duin en Kruidberg takes you through a wooded dune area where rich Amsterdam merchants used to have their countryseat. The route transverses two country estates. Shetland ponies, Konik horses and Highland cattle are grazing here, to prevent the dunes from becoming too overgrown. Please keep your distance if you encounter these animals on your walk. The route is not signposted.
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