Fort path


A walk from the Kwakel passed some forts on the Southside of the Stelling van Amsterdam. “Vrouwenakker” (womensfield), the name alone invites you to come take a look. And you will not be disappointed. A beautiful Dutch landscape, polders, reed, a towpath along the river. From Fort bij de Kwakel you will walk into the inundation area. In Fort bij de Kwakel, situated on the island surrounded by a moat, you will find “Bar het Fort”. Follow the route along the Drecht towards the second fort. There are seven companies located in the Fort aan de Drecht, including a restaurant and a gallery. The route continues from Fort aan de Drecht through the suburbs of Uithoorn and ends via the firing line in the Kwakel. Truly a Fortpath!

Other info:

* Start- and finish: Bus stop Drechtdijk-Kerklaan in De Kwakel
* Parts of this route can be slightly swampy. Proper hiking shoes are therefore recommended.
* Dogs allowed, provided that they are on a leash
* Not accessible for wheelschairs or strollers
* GPS-coordinates available via


Start and finish of the route is the bus stop Drechtdijk-Kerklaan

1. Continue straight on the Drechtdijk, going South
2. At the end, before the Vrouwenakker, turn left via Amsteldijk Zuid. The road follows the river Amstel.
3. Turn left after the boathouse onto Grevelingen.
4. At the driveway for Fort aan de Drecht make an angled right.
5. Take the first left at Gooimeer
6. Turn left, then right across the bridge and follow the cycling path.
7. Immediately after the second bridge turn left onto the grass path along the river bank.
8. At the end, before the cycling path, turn right and then right again via the grass next to the reed and the broad ditch.
9. At the Y-crossing turn left and keep going straight. Ignore the other crossroads and paths.
10. Turn right at the end, and immediately left via the cycling path.
11. Turn left at the end via Boterdijk, take the first footpath to the right across the Zijdelmeer land.
12. At the end, across the little bridge, take an angled left and go straight on Watsonweg.
13. Continue onto the Firing line (Vuurlinie) with the grass dyke.
14. Take the first left onto Ringdijk, at the crossing go straight for a little while until Fort de Kwakel.
15. Turn left onto the little footbridge, and take an immediate right onto the footpath along the Ringvaart.
16. At the end turn left and angled straight on the Mgr. Noordmanlaan back towards the Drechtdijk.

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