Aetsveld Route


A walk from the fortified city of Weesp, along the winding river Vecht, through the beautiful Aetsveldsche Polder. The fortified city of Weesp and Muiden were important parts of the north-east side of the Stelling van Amsterdam. The walk will successively take you past Fort Uitermeer and Fort Hinderdam. Around Fort Uitermeer is a footpath. In the renovated and partly in the former glory restored towerfort Uitermeer you will find a restaurant. You can reach the small island where Fort Hinderdam is located via a narrow causeway. This Fort is not open for the public. Weesp has for centuries been an important fortress. The walkway through the Aetsveldsche Polder rund along the riverbanks of an old Vechtstream. In this vicinity there there have been findings of habitation dating back to the third century BC. A nice walk, partly on paved roads (along the Vecht), and partly on grass paths.

Other info:

* Start- and finish: NS-station Weesp (railway station)
* Partly unpaved roads
* Dogs allowed, provided that they are on a leash
* Not accessible for wheelchairs or strollers
* GPS-coordinates available via


Weesp – Uitermeer – Weesp
The Aetsveldroute is indicated by white hexagonal signs with green letters from the ANWB, which shows the walking direction. The route begins and end at the railway station, stationsplein, in front of the station in Weesp.

1. Follow the route towards Hoogstraat.
2. When you reach the VVV go right diagonally, across the bridge. Fort aan de Ossenmarkt is now right in front of you.
3. Follow the signs across the bridge at Fort aan de Ossenmarkt.
4. Leave Weesp behind you and walk along the river Vecht.
5. At Fort Uitermeer follow the boardwalk and the grass embankment
6. After circling Fort Uitermeer you will reach the asphalt next to the river Vecht.
7. Continue until you reach the Provinciale weg.
8. Cross the Provinciale weg and turn right.
9. Cross the bridge and turn left onto Klompweg, until you reach the Vecht again. A little further you will see Fort Hinderdam, which used to defend the river.
10. If you turn away from the Vecht the route will continue in between two farms, onto a broad grass path. This is the Aetsveldsche Polder.
11. This is how you walk back to Weesp, passing the old wooden houses towards the fortified city, and back to the railway station.

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