Relax in a beautiful natural setting at Paviljoen Puur Diemerdam

Situated within the historic ramparts of Fort Diemerdam near Amsterdam, Paviljoen Puur offers great food and drinks in a beautiful natural setting.

Paviljoen Puur kinderen

Pure enjoyment

Safely located within the ramparts of Fort Diemerdam near Amsterdam, Paviljoen Puur welcomes its guests with a diverse range of food and drinks including a lunch menu for spontaneous visitors and culinary options for both corporate and private events.

Clad with durable cedar, the striking building was designed by the architectural firm Emma and is located on the site of a former military shelter. The shelter's original footprint was used as the basis for the building's design. The round construction protects the historic site and provides shelter to the pavilion.

The intimacy of Fort Diemerdam's grounds makes it a very suitable location for small-scale events such as (open air) exhibitions, theatre performances and concerts.

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