Mature, dark beers at the Fort near Spijkerboor

The National Beer Bank at the Fort near Spijkerboor is the place to enjoy mature, dark beers at their best. Regularly, there are beer nights at the fortress too.

Nationale bierbank 1

National Beer Bank

At the Fort near Spijkerboor, beer lovers can enjoy mature beers to their heart's content. Initiators Fiona Long and Felix Wilbrink were looking for a dark location with a constant temperature and ended up at the Fort near Spijkerboor. There they opened the National Beer Bank in 2014, the first location in the Netherlands where beers can be stored in properly climate controlled conditions to mature them even further and let their taste evolve.

You can buy a beer voucher to drink the beer after it has matured or resell it. Special beer nights are organized six times, complete with designated driver packages to ensure that you'll get home safely.

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