Inspiring cooking workshops at the Fort near Penningsveer

Follow a cooking course in the bunker of the Fort near Penningsveer. Catering company Hééérlijk also offers a variety of homemade treats and picnic packages.

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Cooking school and catering company Hééérlijk (which translates into Deeelicious) is located in the Fort near Penningsveer, in close vicinity to Haarlem. At Hééérlijk it's all about cooking, enjoying good food and everything that goes with it. The cooking school and catering company offers various activities at the fort and in its surroundings. You can enjoy a homemade high tea, for instance, with seasonal delicacies such as scones with clotted cream, homemade jam & lemon curd, carrot cake, a variety of sweet snacks, sandwiches and English Clipper tea. Hééérlijk also offers a high wine consisting of savoury snacks such as olives, a goat cheese tart, cheese sticks, a tasty cheese platter and of course a glass of wine.

Reservations necessary for 10 people or more. The location can seat up to 25.


Cooking workshops, from tapas to Arabic

Hééérlijk also offers cookery courses in the fort's bunker. From tapas to high tea and from chocolate to Arabic: the possibilities are endless. During the workshop you'll team up in small groups to prepare various dishes, while enjoying a snack and a drink. Each group cooks a number of tasty dishes using fresh ingredients. Afterwards everyone sits together at the dining table to enjoy their meal. Before you leave you'll be given the recipes to take home with you.

Reservations necessary for 10 people or more. The location offers room to cook for up to 14 people.


A picnic or a hearty lunch

Around the fort there are many beautiful places to picnic. We can arrange various picnic packages for you, including a high tea picnic, lunch picnic or high wine picnic, for example. Picture hearty sandwiches with fresh homemade toppings, homemade soup, fresh smoothies and much more. Or rent a boat at Van Assema, near the fort, and enjoy a picnic on the water.

The location offers the possibility to have lunch or a meeting for groups of up to 25 people.

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