Eating 'blanks' at the Pancake Fort along the Drecht

The pancake restaurant in the historic Fort along the Drecht is a great place to enjoy traditionally baked pancakes with the entire family.

Pannenkoekenfort Binnen

More than just pancakes

With the opening of a pancake restaurant on 15 May 2014, the Fort along the Drecht became home to a new culinary hot spot. The restaurant is owned by the Tieken family, known from Hotel-Restaurant Het Rechthuis in Uithoorn, and puts the emphasis on personable and friendly service, good food, and a casual and family-friendly atmosphere. The Tieken family was looking for a special location, when they heard that this remarkable space within the fort would become available. Also thanks to the municipality's constructive co-operation they managed to open a very special restaurant in a very short amount of time.

The restaurant is run by Hans and his daughter Peggy. "I bake the pancakes myself. We have chosen to prepare them in a traditional way, as any self-respecting pancake restaurant should. The food must be good, period." For children the Pancake Fort is a true experience. Not only the moat and the fort's interior, but also the Peter Pan inspired playroom with a large pirate ship make eating here quite an adventure. Featuring pancakes with names such as 'Blank', 'Casemate' and 'Samurai' the menu makes playful references to the fort's military history.

The Fort along the Drecht is already home to several businesses, including Nahr, Stichting Crea and Vinocerf and Amstelfort. "We organize children's parties in cooperation with our neighbours. Possibilities include a creative afternoon with pottery making or painting, for instance, or a tour of the fort." The restaurant is located in a remarkable nature reserve that features several recreational trails, including the Fortenpad footpath (8 km). It gives holidaymakers the option to top off their hike with a tasty meal.

The Pancake Fort is open five days a week, Wednesdays through Fridays from 12.00 - 20.00 and Saturdays and Sundays from 11.00 - 20.00. More info:

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