A view over the river Vecht at Restaurant Uit & Meer

In a beautiful spot along the river Vecht you'll find Restaurant Uit & Meer, where tasty food and hospitality combine with great views of Tower Fort Uitermeer.

Restaurant Uit en Meer terras met 2 stoelen

Hospitality, ambience and atmosphere meet along the river Vecht, next to Fort Uitermeer. Here the Stichting Uitermeer Uiteraard developed a beautiful location with a great view of the partly restored Tower Fort Uitermeer (1873). It is in this spot that hospitality entrepreneurs Marius and Yvonne Heslenfeld opened their pavilion in 2011.

Marius and Yvonne know the true meaning of hospitality. They have proved this in the past at restaurant 'De Sloep' in Kortenhoef and continue to do so at the event venue 'De Olifant' in Breukelen.

Located on the grounds of the Tower Fort Uitermeer, the Uit & Meer pavilion offers indoor seating for around 60 guests. In addition, Uit & Meer has a very spacious veranda overlooking the river Vecht.

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