Endless North Holland cycling tours

Zuiderzeeroute ONH

Discover the Amsterdam Defence Line and cycle past all 42 forts on this 135km trail.
To make the route more clear and accessible it’s divided in several parts, the so called fronts. A front consists of a collection of forts and other objects such as batteries, sluices and dykes that together form the defence system. The route starts from the North-West front at Fort Marken-Binnen till the Dam-sluice in the Wijkertocht.

All the routes:

Route Stelling van Amsterdam: Zuiderzee front
35.5 km. Route along the former Zuiderzee Front that runs from the never-built Fort Coehoorn in Muiderberg via the banks of the IJmeer towards Vuurtoreneiland (Lighthouse island) in Durgerdam.

Route Stelling van Amsterdam: South-East front 
29.2 km. Route along the South-East front that runs from the Fort near Abcoude to the Muiderslot in Muiden.

Route Stelling van Amsterdam: South front
22.7 km. Route along the South front that runs from Fort near Kudelstaart to Fort bij de Winkel.

Route Stelling van Amsterdam: South-West front

26.8 km. Route along the South-West front that runs from the Dam-sluice near Halfweg to Fort near Aalsmeer, straight through the Haarlemmermeerpolder.

Route Stelling van Amsterdam: West front
9.48 km. Route along the West front that runs from Fort Benoorden Spaarndam to Fort bij de Liede along the Haarlemmerringvaart.

Route Stelling van Amsterdam: North-West front
41.4 km. Route along the North-West front that runs from Fort bij Marken-Binnen to Fort island Ijmuiden.

Route Stelling van Amsterdam: North front
35.5 km. Route along the North front that runs from the Fort near Edam to the Fort near Spijkerboor.

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