Beemster Route – cycling through the polder

Werelderfgoed de Beemster
Just like the Defence Line of Amsterdam, the Beemster Polder is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. This route will take you and your bike along five fortresses: the Fort North of Purmerend, the Fort along Nekkerweg, the Fort near Spijkerboor, the forts along Middenweg and Jisperweg, and finally the Fort near Marken-Binnen. 
The Beemster Route is a varied bike tour through one of North Holland’s most beautiful stretches of reclaimed land. On your bike you’ll have great views over this vast polder fetauring meadows, farm land, bulb fields and windmills. Along the route you’ll encounter dozens of beautiful farmhouses with a cheese-cover shape that is typical of the region. They are often lined with old fruit trees. On the border of this old peat polder you’ll pass through scenic villages such as Grootschermer and De Rijp.
West of the Beemster the route will take you through the Eilandspolder, a meadowy area that evolved from swamps. In the summer this water-rich environment is crowded with birds.
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