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  • © Peter Saal

    Dining at the Fort near Vijfhuizen

    Restaurant ‘t Fort is an independent facility that is situated in the historic Fort near Vijfhuizen. In these inspiring surroundings, the guests are surprised with remarkable dishes at...
  • Restaurant Uit en Meer paviljoen en fort

    Restaurant Uit & Meer at Towerfort Uitermeer

    On the banks of the river Vecht, with a spectacular view, you will find restaurant Uit & Meer at towerfort Uitenmeer. Marius and Yvonne Heslenfeld opened their establishment in 2011 after the...
  • Vuurtorenrestaurant

    Summer on the Lighthouse Island

    The recently renovated fort and Amsterdam's only lighthouse turn Vuurtoreneiland into a wonderful scene for a night out. The Island is situated in the Markermeer, near Durgerdam, and is only...
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