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  • wandelaarsopdedijk

    The hiking routes of Dutch Railways

    Walking from one train station to the next. That’s exactly what you’ll do if you follow the long-distance hiking routes that were developed by Wandelnet for Dutch Railways (NS). Some...
  • © Provincie NH

    Haarlemmermeer Route

    The Haarlemmermeerpolder is a polder of straight lines crossed by a historic dike that was constructed for the army, the Geniedijk. The Haarlemmermeer Route measures approximately 35 kilometres (22...
  • Fort aan de St. Aagtendijk

    Western Front Route

    Near the town of Beverwijk is where the front of the Defence Line of Amsterdam comes closest to the high dune fields. Measuring 38 kilometres (23.5 miles) the Western Front Route runs from Beverwijk...
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