Time Line


The Fort near Velsen is largely demolished in 1981. This triggers the decision to protect the ‘Stelling’ as a provincial monument and part of it (Utrecht and Pampus) as a state monument. The Defence Line of Amsterdam becomes a National Landscape and is included in the UNESCO World ... Read more

1960 - 1981

A future as a recreational area is considered for the Defence Line of Amsterdam. Read more

1945 - 1960

The Defence Line of Amsterdam leads a dormant existence. In 1960 it loses its status as a defensive structure. Read more
Fort Ijmuiden lichting 1927

First and second World war

1914 - 1945

During World War I, weak positions were strengthened with additional frontal positions. In the 1930s the Defence Line was further extended with concrete buildings such as casemates and troop spaces. During World War II there were two inundations, in 1940 and 1944. Read more

The second standard design (b)

1907 - 1914

The construction of shellproof buildings based on the second standard design (b) at the northern front; 1913 the last remaining forts of the New Dutch Waterline (Uitermeer and Hinderdam) were added to the Defence Line. Construction of forts completed. Read more

The first standard design (a)

1896 - 1907

1896 the Inundation Act came into force. 1897 the construction of shellproof buildings along the Defence Line of Amsterdam was resumed. Read more

1884 - 1896

The first newly constructed fort of the defensive ring was situated near Abcoude and completed in 1885. It consisted of shellproof military barracks, depots and open artillery deployments, surrounded by earth walls. The entire complex was surrounded by a moat. The idea was to apply this design ... Read more

Fortification Act

1874 - 1884

Fortification Act. The use of modern, powerful artillery during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871 sparked concerns over Holland’s poor defence system. This resulted in the Wet tot regeling en voltooiing van het vestingstelsel (Vestingwet) (Act regarding the regulation and completion of ... Read more


1845 - 1874

Change of the strategic landscape: reclamation of lake Haarlemmermeer and lake IJmeer; the period of the tower forts around lake Haarlemmermeer and along the New Dutch Waterline (a military line of defence that extended from the former Zuiderzee near Muiden to the Biesbosch). Read more
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