Medieval castle the Muiderslot

Peter Saal
The Muiderslot is one of Holland’s best preserved medieval castles. It’s a real medieval castle with a moat, like a kid would draw it – complete with towers, battlements, arrowslits and a drawbridge.
The castle was built in 1285 by well-know medieval count Floris V, who was later murdered in the vicinity of the town of Muiderberg. Its most famous inhabitant was P.C. Hooft, one of the founders of a serious literary culture in the Dutch-speaking region.
The Muiderslot is fun for young and old alike. You can climb the highest tower, go on a guided tour, stroll through historical gardens and participate in quests and games. Most exciting of all are the flight demonstrations with birds of prey and the falconry stories told by the castle’s falconer. You can make a visit to the Muiderslot even more of an experience by travelling to and from the castle by ferry. Another option is to combine a visit to the stronghold with a boat trip to the Fort along Pampus or a peak at the historical exhibition on the fortified town of Muiden that is presented in the Muizenfort (literally: Mice Fortress).

Part of the fortified town Muiden

The Muiderslot was included in the Defense Line from 1892 till 1922, as part of the fortified town Muiden. The castle is strategically placed south-east of Amsterdam, where the river Vecht meets the previously known Zuiderzee, now called the Ijmeer. The fortified town Muiden, together with fort island Pampus, formed the support points for the main defence line in the area of Muiderberg.

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