Hiking along the Beemster Polder forts

The Beemster Polder is steeped in culture, history and nature. It’s an area where you can see sturdy farmhouses with a characteristic cheese-cover shape or pay a visit to the museums and historic church of Middenbeemster, a remarkable village built at the intersection of two roads. Most of all, though, it’s the typical North Holland landscape that makes a visit to the Beemster more than worth your while.
In 1999 the Beemster was named a UNESCO World Heritage site, because of its unique well-ordered lay-out and since it serves as an exceptional example of a man-made mix of architecture and landscape.
Getting to know the World Heritage site the Beemster starts with a visit to the Infocenter Beemster. Here you can find (historical) books, folders and (bike) route descriptions that will lead you to beautiful monuments and interesting sights. It’s also the place where you can book a variety of fun and educational package deals.
One of the routes that will take you through the Beemster Polder is an extensive 40-kilometre (25-mile) walk along the Beemsterringdijk, a circular dike. You’ll pass by the Fort North of Purmerend, the Fort near Spijkerboor, the Fort along Jisperweg and the Fort along Middenweg.
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