Birdwatching at the Fort near Krommeniedijk

Wil Doorn Meye
The Fort near Krommeniedijk sits beautifully within the landscape. In 2004 most of the overgrowth was removed, making it easy again to recognize that the structure is a fort.
From the Lagendijk in Uitgeest you’ll have a good overview over the fortress and the surrounding meadows. The fort can only be accessed by the public on special ‘open days’. As of 2014, following restoration, this stronghold will host a visitor centre for the Defence Line of Amsterdam that focuses on nature in particular.

The grasslands surrounding the Fort near Krommeniedijk feature a wealth of meadow birds. In early spring, part of the area around the fort is flooded on purpose (inundated). Wetlands such as these are appealing in particular to migrating birds, who like to make a stopover here. The wet terrain attracts various special birds. Here you can see large gatherings of European golden plovers, lapwings, black-tailed godwits, ducks and geese.
Each year in March a so-called ‘inundation weekend’ is organized, where the public can witness the flooding and spot a variety of birds
Fort Krommeniedijk
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