A visit to the coast and Fort Island IJmuiden

Forteiland IJmuiden
Fort Island IJmuiden is a semi-underground fortress that is situated at the estuary of the North Sea Canal off the coast of IJmuiden. In IJmuiden, the third largest harbour city of the Netherlands, the North Sea Canal connects with the North Sea via a system of sluices. The town also boasts the country’s largest fishing port. In the dunes and woods surrounding IJmuiden you can find natural reserves and lakes.
A visit to the Fort Island starts with an atmospheric trip across the water. On the one hand the visitor is confronted with the robust presence of the Tata Steel factories and the impressive shipping and harbour activities. On the other, he is enchanted by the natural beauty of the dune coast and sea. The ferry crossing to the island takes between 5 and 15 minutes.
At the island’s highest viewpoint you can literally switch back and forth between the beauty of nature and the hustle and bustle of industry by simply turning your head.
Tessa Jansen
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