Experience the beauty of nature

Do you like to get out and explore nature? Do you enjoy spending your free time being active in the outdoors? The Defence Line of Amsterdam offers plenty of opportunities to hike and bike in beautiful surroundings and get a breath of fresh air.
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The Defence Line of Amsterdam (De Stelling van Amsterdam)

The Defence Line of Amsterdam is a remarkable defensive ring made up of 46 forts and batteries as well as a multitude of dikes and sluices. A Dutch monument, the Defence Line is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site that is part of Holland’s rich cultural tradition. Since 2005 the Defence Line of Amsterdam is also considered a National Landscape. National Landscapes are characterized by a unique mix of cultural-historical and natural elements and thus represent the typical Dutch landscape.

An active day out at the Defence Line

The Defence Line of Amsterdam is set against the backdrop of a typical Dutch landscape of meadows, polders, dikes, forts, sluices and windmills. Located near the Dutch coast, the ‘Stelling’ offers an oasis of tranquillity and space.
Various hiking and biking trails through the beautiful Dutch landscape start or end at the Defence Line. They take you to vast Dutch beaches, quiet dunes, green meadows and scenic dikes. There is much to enjoy in the vicinity: picturesque dike towns, colourful markets and traditional Dutch fairs, for instance.
And wherever you are, the Dutch coastline is never far away. Indeed, some parts of the Defence Line are located along the coast and in the dunes.
If you want to explore the surroundings of the Defence Line on two wheels, there are various places where you can rent a bike.

Other things to do

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