Viewing art at the Fort near Vijfhuizen

Kunst bij fort Vijfhuizen
For art lovers, the Fort near Vijfhuizen is the place to go. The Fort near Vijfhuizen has been given a new lease on life as an ‘art fortress’ that shows creations by Dutch and international modern artists.
All of the art works are shown in outside spaces and have in common that they interact directly with their environment. Here you’ll encounter art in unexpected places, almost hidden from sight by their natural surroundings, sometimes defying the laws or nature. An audio app helps you to find out more about them.
The art fort Vijfhuizen is located in the vicinity of Haarlem, a scenic city that offers an abundance of art and culture, monuments, enchanting streets and squares, and a wide variety of bars and restaurants.

Exhibitions 2016

Throughout the year there are a variety of exhibitions. In 2016 you will still be able to see the following:

  • Ringbiënnale Haarlemmermeer
    September 6th till September18th 2016
  • Autumn Exhibition
    September 18th till December 11th 2016
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