Visit the Zuiderzee: the Fort near Edam

Enjoy the water, the views and the quaint little villages lining the coastline of the old Zuiderzee (literally: ‘South Sea’), the large bay of the North Sea that was closed off in the 20th century to form the IJsselmeer (Lake IJssel).
The Markermeerdijk (Markermeer dike) just north of Edam’s outer harbour offers great views over the former Zuiderzee. Here you can see an eclectic mix of old flatboats and modern yachts floating around in the summer months. If you turn your head to the west, you’ll be treated to a vast landscape of meadows with farmhouses scattered here and there. Behind them in the distance, the church towers of the old village of Edam poke into the air. It’s a scene that has remained virtually unchanged over the centuries and has been captured in paintings and photographs countless of times. Shift your focus slightly to the left and you’ll spot a small elevation within the landscape. It’s surrounded by a wide ditch lined with willows. Underneath this small hill a complete military fort is hiding: the Fort near Edam.
The surroundings of the Fort near Edam offer great possibilities for fun hiking and biking tours. You can explore the old town of Edam with its inner harbours, for instance, or travel along the Markermeerdijk to enjoy the beautiful views.
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