Luchtoorlogmuseum (Aerial Warfare Museum) in the Fort near Veldhuis

Fort Veldhuis museum
The Luchtoorlogmuseum (Aerial Warfare Museum) in the Fort near Veldhuis houses a collection of recovered plane wrecks and bombs from the Second World War and is managed by the Aircraft Recovery Group Foundation 1940-1945.
This foundation consists exclusively of volunteers. For several decades now, it has been researching warfare in the Dutch airspace during World War II. Through archival research, eyewitness accounts and interviews with survivors of plane crashes, the foundation tries to reconstruct the events that took place in the sky above Dutch territory in the years of war. The main focus is on the personal experiences of the people involved.
The information that is gathered from studying the archives is used to uncover the exact locations where (British, American or German) planes have crashed. If wreckage is suspected to contain missing crew members and/or bombs, the foundation endeavours to give the people in question a befitting burial or to defuse and clear the bombs.
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