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Do you like to submerge yourself into the history of the country you’re visiting, its age-old towns and cultural heritage? Do you want to get a taste of the ‘Old World’ when you travel through Europe? The Defence Line of Amsterdam is your point of departure to enjoy Dutch culture.
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The Defence Line of Amsterdam (Stelling van Amsterdam)

A remarkable defensive ring made up of 46 forts and batteries as well as a multitude of dikes and sluices encircles the Dutch capital of Amsterdam at only 15 to 20 kilometres distance (approximately 9 to 12 miles). It’s the Defence Line (or ‘Stelling’) of Amsterdam. The Defence Line is an extraordinary monument of Dutch military history and is one of only a few UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Netherlands, as is the 17th century canal ring area of Amsterdam, for instance. A visit to this defensive system offers a behind-the-scenes peek at Dutch war history, warfare techniques and culture in general.

A cultural day out at the Defence Line

The Defence Line of Amsterdam is perfectly suited for a great day out. A trip to the ‘Stelling’ is easy to combine with a visit to some of the cultural highlights that the Dutch Province of North Holland has on offer.
On one and the same day you could not only explore parts of the Defence Line but also take in various other tourist sights in the vicinity of the Dutch capital. Examples include the windmills at the Zaanse Schans or Kinderdijk, the flower auction in Aalsmeer or the Alkmaar cheese market.
The old Dutch cities of Leiden and Delft are also within easy reach of North Holland.
As you can see, the Defence Line of Amsterdam can serve as your gateway to a mix of history, art, culture and nature.

Other things to do

  • A tour along typical Dutch staples such as windmills, flowers, the Zaanse Schans and the Alkmaar cheese market,
  •  A cultural heritage day, including a visit to the Beemster Polder and the famed Muiderslot castle,
  • Explore historical cities such as Haarlem, Alkmaar, Leiden or Delft,
  • Enjoy a wellness treatment in Fort Resort Beemster, situated in the Fort along Nekkerweg.
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