Forteiland Pampus

Located in lake IJmeer, about 20 minutes by boat from the fortress town of Muiden, the Fort Island of Pampus has a unique setting. Pampus is the most visited fort of the Defense Line of Amsterdam with over 40,000 visitors annually. De Stichting Pampus (Pampus Foundation) has developed an ambitious plan to preserve the fort for the future. Each year over eighty volunteers give guided tours to the visitors and organize treasure hunts and pirate themed events for the kids.

A new annual event is the art manifestation ‘Kunst voor Pampus’.

The function of Fort Island Pampus was to defend Amsterdam against attack from the former Zuiderzee, in cooperation with the coastal batteries near Diemerdam and Durgerdam.

The fort was constructed between 1887 and 1895 in lake Buiten-IJ (outer IJ). On top of the fort building two huge gun turrets were built, outfitted with two 240 mm calibre guns each. During the Second World War, the gun turrets were blown up by the Germans.

A ferry service from Muiden and Amsterdam IJburg makes the fort island easily accessible. The ferry departs from the Herengracht in Muiden in front of house number 33. Here you’ll see a Fort Island Pampus information sign. If the ferry is not there already, you can wait for it here. 

Not wheelchair accessible.  

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