Fort Uitermeer

Fort Uitermeer is not accessible to the public. However, located right next to the fort is the restaurant Uit & Meer. Situated along the river Vecht, it offers a great view of the restored Tower Fort Uitermeer (1873), which was partly brought back to its former glory, as well as the historic sluice and part of the old canal. The Stichting Uitermeer (Uitermeer Foundation) has turned it into a beautiful restaurant.

Fort Uitermeer’s function was to defend the 's-Gravelandsche Vaart, the road running alongside this canal and the railway line Amsterdam-Hilversum. At this point the 's-Gravelandse Vaart flows into the river Vecht via a sluice. As early as the 16th century, this sluice was defended by a ‘sconce’ (small protective fortification made of earth). In 1672 (known as the ‘disaster year’ in Dutch history) the sconce was reinforced and a year later it was replaced by a permanent fort, which was constructed around the sluice. In 1815 the fort became part of the New Dutch Waterline. After the Second World War explosives were detonated inside the fort, causing severe damage. During the Cold War, ammunition depots were put up on the grounds of the fort. In 1959 the fortress lost its function as a defensive structure.

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