The Atlantic Wall: Fort Island IJmuiden

 © Cultuurcompagnie NH
Fort Island IJmuiden is a semi-underground fortress that is situated at the estuary of the North Sea Canal. The Fort Island was created around 1885 as an important advanced defence post for the gateway to Amsterdam.
In World War II the Fort Island formed part of the Atlantic Wall, which explains the presence of bunkers constructed in that era. The Atlantic Wall was a 2,685-kilometre (1,670-mile) long defensive system built during World War II by the Germans along Europe’s Atlantic coast to prevent an Allied invasion.
Situated on an island measuring about 4 hectares (10 acres), the fortress has an extensive system of corridors, more than 40 rooms and an impressive domed hall. Spread out over three floors, the system of corridors interconnects the empty rooms and forms a true maze that makes wandering through the fortress an exciting experience. Most impressive of all are the armoured gallery and the so-called movie hall, which emanate the fort’s history.
A few times a year re-enactment days are staged, bringing the fort’s history back to life.
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