Fort aan den Ham defending the railway

To survive enemy attacks, soldiers stationed at a fort needed to be well awake. How this happened, you experience in the sleeping quarters of Fort aan den Ham. Build to guard and defend the railroad between Zaandam and Uitgeest, this fort is positioned next to the N203 besides restaurant de Krokodil on the Busch and Dam (street) in Uitgeest.

Fort aan den ham

The fort has been in the care if volunteers since 1995, for maintenance and repairs and is opened every Wednesday. In summer from June to September the fort has an open day every second and last Sunday of the month. You can then take a tour with a guide and often there are extra activities on these days.

The fort is a military museum with emphasis on the Mobilisation time (1914 – 1918), because at this time the threat of the first world war all the forts were manned by the army and the Netherlands was prepared for war.

Many of the rooms and chambers are decorated in the style of that time. As if walking in a time machine. The luxury of the officer quarters and the simplicity of the soldier dormitories with iron bunk beds. The primitive sick-bay and the toilets of the privates. Although here very little was private.

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